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Roof Garden – live like an Athenian 

When we created the Zillers Roof Garden we felt that we had more to offer to our guests. More of what life in Athens can be, more of the inimitable sense of nostalgia and reverence found in just a handful of places around the world. When you find yourself on the top floor of the Zillers Boutique Hotel and our Roof Garden you instantly find yourself integrated in a multifaceted world; an urban roof garden with industrial details and emerald green marbles creates a refreshing atmosphere where you will enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner, a coffee or a drink and you will feel the ambience of the old merging with the new to create the perfect Athens experience; especially when you have the view of the Acropolis right in front of you.


Acropolis View

Breakfast, Lunch

Fine Dinning

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Here’s to Acropolis’ eternal beauty!

Are you ready to live a gastronomic and lounge experience under the brightness of the Acropolis? The view from Zillers Roof Garden to the cathedral of Athens and the eternal beauty of the Acropolis is what elevates your visit to our Roof Garden into a wholesome Athenian experience.

Take as many photos as you can or, set your mobile phone or your camera aside and admire this wonder of antiquity, the symbol of Athens and its rich history. From the morning sun rays that bathe the columns to the atmospheric lighting in the evening, the view from Zillers to the Acropolis is mesmerizing all day and night long.


Creativity & Taste!

We paid a great deal of attention to every single detail regarding your gastronomic experience in the Zillers Roof Garden. The creativity of our chef combined with fresh ingredients give dishes that reflect the spirit of the Mediterranean cuisine and captivate all your senses.

A dinner at the Zillers Roof Garden is a refined urban dining experience in the heart of the city of Athens where the views to the Acropolis and a bottle of a Greek wine elevate the Zillers experience to a higher level. You can also visit the Zillers Roof Garden for a light lunch with salads, pasta and innovative burgers making it ideal for a business lunches or a tasty break from your shopping.


all day enjoying 

Enjoying the company of your loved ones with unobstructed views to the Acropolis and a freshly brewed coffee, a fruit juice or a cup of tea can be one of your favourite parts of your Athens experience.

In the Zillers Roof Garden you can enjoy all these along with some light all-day snacks. At our bar you can also ask for a glass of your favourite spirit, or some really tasty cocktails, whether you are a classic lover or you like to try new tastes, and let your mind roam free to enjoy the view to the brightest star of the Athenian nights; the landmark of the Acropolis.


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As the Zillers Boutique Hotel enters its new era a series of services and amenities are now available for its new “Athenian” guests to enjoy; great offers, upgraded services, and above all simple and easy direct booking through our website!

The Zillers Boutique Hotel’s people will help you through all the details of your reservation, inform you about distances and transfers to and from the hotel and answer all the questions regarding your stay and getting around in Athens.

The new era of the Zillers Boutique Hotel in the Athens city centre is an experience that starts as soon as you book directly through our website!

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