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Mornings shine at Zillers

A day at the Zillers is an enchanting affair. Find in the Zillers Boutique Hotel your cozy home away from home, a place you can pop in for a cup of coffee or a cocktail with a friend, for a delicious light snack in between your shopping or simply to admire the gorgeous view.

The mesmerizing Roof Garden of the Zillers Boutique Hotel with the view to the majestic Acropolis, away from the busy streets and the everyday hassle transport you in a distant world where everything seems calm and restful throughout the day, even if you are still in the city centre.


The best lunch in town!

A meeting point for decades, the Zillers Boutique Hotel’s restaurant is renowned for its innovative tastes, prepared with the freshest ingredients and inspired by the same urge to create that seems to run through the city since antiquity.

Meet your friends for lunch or set up a business lunch in a roof-top venue that will enchant you and your company with tantalizing dishes that pay homage to the Mediterranean culinary heritage, handpicked Greek wines and the most glorious view to the Acropolis.

Lunchtime at the Zillers is on its own a reason to come to the Athens city centre!


Afternoons with tastes and feelings

Athens is a city that never seems to settle; there is always something happening and its people always seem to be on the move.

One of the most characteristic habits of the Athenians is the coffee-stop; whether as a gathering spot for a group of friends, as a break between outings or even as the starting point of a vivacious night out, it all starts with an evening coffee.

At Zillers Boutique Hotel, the Roof Garden is the spot where it all begins; here you will regroup, focus and recharge with the best view in the city, the majestic Acropolis!


Enjoy the Athenian, starry nights at Zillers!

As night falls over Athens the mood seems to brighten and the gastronomic scene of the city celebrates with tempting dishes and mouth-watering tastes at the Zillers Roof Garden.

Dine in elegance and style on a venue that hovers over the city, with a sublime view to the Acropolis and an air of nostalgia and excitement, away from the hassle and yet so in touch with the city’s vibe.

Delicious dishes that represent every region of Greece through their signature products and cocktails and drinks for every taste to complement your night in the most intoxicating way; the Zillers night-time experience is one of a kind!


Book your Zillers

experience now

As the Zillers Boutique Hotel enters its new era a series of services and amenities are now available for its new “Athenian” guests to enjoy; great offers, upgraded services, and above all simple and easy direct booking through our website!

The Zillers Boutique Hotel’s people will help you through all the details of your reservation, inform you about distances and transfers to and from the hotel and answer all the questions regarding your stay and getting around in Athens.

The new era of the Zillers Boutique Hotel in the Athens city centre is an experience that starts as soon as you book directly through our website!

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