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Spring in Athens and the Zillers Boutique Hotel

As everyone’s favourite time of year approaches, a fresh breath of renewal blows all over the city and the exquisite Zillers Boutique Hotel could not be left out!

Fresh flavours are budding in our kitchen, welcoming the new season with the tastes of spring and, as the weather is getting milder, the appeal of a roof top lounge with unobstructed views to the Acropolis seems all the more inviting!

Celebrate the passage of winter and get in touch with the sky, the sun and the beauty of the city of Athens from above at the Roof Garden of the Zillers Boutique Hotel!


Discover the joyful Athenian summer!

The Greek summers are known for their constant sunshine and sweltering hot spells; still the summer is the perfect time to visit Athens.

The Zillers Boutique Hotel is a perfect accommodation choice throughout the summer, with fully air-conditioned rooms and suites and the irresistible Roof Garden that will refresh your summer moments with cold beverages and drinks as you soak in the sun rays.

The hotel’s convenient location close to the city’s main attractions makes sightseeing as easy as a breeze, whereas its proximity to the Metro station brings the airport, the port of Piraeus and the notorious Athenian Riviera within your arm’s reach!


Visit Athens in autumn!

Autumn seems to make the city busier; it’s as if everybody returns to the basis that is the city of Athens. The gloomy autumn adds a nostalgic feel to Athens, making sightseeing and exploring the city centre an almost magical affair.

The Zillers Boutique Hotel is situated in the heart of the city’s historical centre, in a neoclassical building with a distinct timeless character that is highlighted best by the warm glamour of autumn. Combine your stay in this amalgamation of the past and the present with the urban adventure of Athens and sense the true soul of the eternal city.


Join the Athenians to celebrate wintertime

The coldest season of the year brings warmth in our hearts and minds, and the Zillers Boutique Hotel in the Athens city centre becomes a beloved meeting point for all those frosty days and nights.

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea with your favorite company or start your evening early with a fine selection of wine and drinks and savour the beauty of the scenery with the imposing Acropolis standing tall and proud.

Especially during the holiday season, when Athens transforms into an urban wonderland of sparkle and light, the Zillers Boutique Hotel is right in the heart of the city’s thrills.


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As the Zillers Boutique Hotel enters its new era a series of services and amenities are now available for its new “Athenian” guests to enjoy; great offers, upgraded services, and above all simple and easy direct booking through our website!

The Zillers Boutique Hotel’s people will help you through all the details of your reservation, inform you about distances and transfers to and from the hotel and answer all the questions regarding your stay and getting around in Athens.

The new era of the Zillers Boutique Hotel in the Athens city centre is an experience that starts as soon as you book directly through our website!

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