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In the heart of Athens!

The Zillers Boutique Hotel is located in the centre of Athens and within walking distance from the city’s main attractions.

The Hotel is easily accessible by all means of transportation and is close to the Metro Station of Syntagma Square.

It is the perfect starting point to your exploring the history of Athens, where you are also in the central shopping district of Athens, as well as the focal point of the vibrant night life of Athens.

Book in the Zillers Boutique Hotel and have the entire city of Athens at your feet, not having to worry about transportation but discovering it all and living the Athenian experience to the maximum.

Distances from the city’s main attractions:

500 m.

Monastiraki Flea Market district:
300 m.

Syntagma Square/ Metro Station:
300 m.

Ancient Agora:
600 m.

National Archaeological Museum:
2 km

Keramikos/ Ancient Cemetery:
2 km


Eternally Attractive: The historic city of Athens!

Known for centuries as the birthplace of democracy, drama and philosophy, Athens has so many more aspects of its great and long history.

As one of the oldest cities in the world, Athens has been through a lot of different eras, from the Golden Age of Pericles in the 5th century BC to its declaration as the capital of the Modern Greek state in the early 18th century.

One thing is for sure though; the city of Athens thrives under the bright sun and offers an amazing, must-live experience to its visitors.

Be right in the heart of this city, explore its streets, visit the sites, try the delicious tastes, dance and discover why the city of Athens remains eternally attractive!


Discover the charming Plaka neighborhood!

The Zillers Boutique Hotel is located in the neighbourhood of Plaka, probably Athens’ most beautiful area and certainly the most alluring one!

Plaka kept its architecture quite unspoilt and between neoclassical buildings you will come across some amazing parts of the city’s ancient history with ruins that go hand in hand with the most recent additions.

Strolls in Plaka are something that everyone loves to do wherever visiting or living in the city. Souvenir shops stand next to ancient columns, cafes and restaurants can be found everywhere and your footsteps can lead you anywhere; from the centre of Athens to the Acropolis or the folklore district of Monastiraki.

Believe us when we say that the more time you spend in Plaka, the more you will feel the urge to return to this bustling neighbourhood that lies under the glorious shadow of the Acropolis!


All about the Athens attractions!

The Zillers Boutique Hotel is located within a few steps from the main attractions of Athens city; read below the main sites that you can visit within a short walking distance.

The landmark of ancient beauty “kallos”; originally a temple dedicated to the protector of the city Goddess Athena, is an architectural masterpiece for its harmonious balance and its imposing grandeur.

New Acropolis Museum.

Overlooking the Acropolis, on the beautiful street of D. Areopagitou, the New Acropolis Museum showcases the treasures of this ancient landmark. This is a must-visit.

Ancient Agora (Ancient Market).

A few steps from Zillers Boutique Hotel lie the foundations of the Ancient Agora of Athens.

Herodion Odeon.

Built by Herodes Atticus in the 2nd century AD is a fully operational Odeon that hosts numerous events and shows during the summer months.

Visit the district of Monastiraki, known for its flea market as well as the traditional taverns and its whimsical folklore charm.

Syntagma (Constitution) Square/ National Park/ Zappeion Megaron.

The route from the Parliament to the lavish National Park and a stroll around the neoclassical Zappeion Megaron is a walk that you must do.

Kallimarmaron Stadium.

Built to host the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, this is yet another Athenian landmark that you have to discover.


The not- to- be-missed Athens experiences

Athens as a modern European city that fuses the aromas of the East with the foundations of Western civilization is a rather intriguing place to be. Discover the reasons why below, as when you are in Athens you absolutely have to:


Through ancient ruins and streets with traffic, Athens has all the elements that make a modern city with a rich past so irresistible. All main attractions are within a few steps from the Zillers Boutique Hotel.


Once in the Zillers Hotel you will be surrounded by the main shopping districts of Athens wherever you love to shop alfresco (Monastiraki) or looking for top notch boutiques (Kolonaki district).


Discover a gastronomic experience in the Zillers Roof Garden and enjoy street food, café and dinners at the city’s restaurant scene.

Have a drink.

Wine bars, cafes and all sorts of entertainment are all over the streets around Zillers Boutique Hotel.

Visit a gallery.

Discover the new artistic scene of Athens at the numerous galleries all over the city.

Enjoy a spectacle.

The people of the Zillers Boutique Hotel will give you all the details on the current shows in the city of Athens.


Book your Zillers

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As the Zillers Boutique Hotel enters its new era a series of services and amenities are now available for its new “Athenian” guests to enjoy; great offers, upgraded services, and above all simple and easy direct booking through our website!

The Zillers Boutique Hotel’s people will help you through all the details of your reservation, inform you about distances and transfers to and from the hotel and answer all the questions regarding your stay and getting around in Athens.

The new era of the Zillers Boutique Hotel in the Athens city centre is an experience that starts as soon as you book directly through our website!

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